Past Winners

The 2017 Scholarship winners:

The State of the Arts Scholarship winner for 2017 is Victoria Hill.  Miss Hill plans to study to vocal performance.  Besides being an outstanding student and volunteer in her community, she has won multiple awards including first place in the Schmidt Vocal Competition in 2017.

The Dickinson Memorial Scholarship winner for 2017 is Adam Barker.  Mr. Barker plans to major in Music and Business.  He is a National Merit Finalist, National Rural Electric Cooperative Youth Delegate, a National Youth Orchestra Inaugural Member, Ozark Festival Orchestra Young Artist first place winner, Missouri Federation of Music Clubs State Competition first place winner, community volunteer, music instructor, and scholar.

The 2017 Mason Lighthouse Scholarship winner in Katayla Mongold.  Miss Mongold plans to study music.  She volunteers as a tutor, with Samaritan’s Purse assisting storm victims, with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, with veterans, foster children, and the Summers Arts Institute, logging over 2,500 volunteer hours in highschool.

A Merit Award was given to Jennifer Musgrove.  Miss Musgrove plans to study art.

The 2016 Scholarships winners:

Timothy Sierk is the winner of the Mason Lighthouse Scholarship.
Samuel Piascik is the recipient of the Craig Dickinson Memorial Scholarship.
Madeline Davis won the State of the Arts Scholarship.

The 2015 Scholarships winners:

Rebecca Thomas is the winner of the Craig Dickinson Memorial Scholarship.  She is a National Merit Finalist, an American Red Cross National Merit award recipient and received the Awana Citation Award.  She is involved in swimming, softball, 4-H, and plans to study nursing.

Elizabeth Ysais is the recipient of the Mason Lighthouse Scholarship.  She has logged over 2,000 service hours to her community as a volunteer EMT, working with the disabled, MOPS, and construction missions.  She enjoys debate, volleyball, and choir and plans to become a Physician’s Assistant working with the underserved.

Olivia Lippert is the winner of State of the Arts Scholarship.  She enjoys playing the organ and piano, singing in her church choir, history reenactments, and being on the Mock Trial and Knowledge Bowl teams.  She enjoys languages and plans to major in Spanish and Education with a minor in theater.


The 2014 Scholarships winners:

Matthew Bayliss is the winner of the Craig Dickinson Memorial Scholarship.  Matthew will enter the University of Florida to study medicine.  He is an AP scholar and Nation Merit Finalist that volunteers in his community with the Salvation Army, the South Florida Fair, his church and local hospitals.

Hannah Leigh Little is the winner of the Mason Lighthouse Scholarship.  Hannah has overcome difficult obstacles to distinguish herself academically and in community service.  She is involved in Girl Scouts, community theater, volunteering at animal shelters, library programs, Challenge WV and the Hugh O’Brien Leadership Academy.

Jocelyn Chambers is the winner of the State of the Arts Scholarship.  Jocelyn has received accolades for her music composition, twice winning the Texas Young Composers Competition, as well a academically and in service to her community.

Audrey Manser received a Merit Award Scholarship for her excellence in academics, artistic achievements, including piano performance at Wausau Conservatory and piano and art competitions at BJU, and dedication to community service.

Deirdre Gael Spainhour received a Merit Award Scholarship for her high performance in academics and well rounded service to her community, including church, charity knitting, instructing martial arts, and choir performances in nursing homes.


The 2013 Scholarships winners:

John Barber for the Dickinson Memorial Scholarship.  John, an Eagle Scout, National Merit Scholar Finalist and National Honor Society member plans to study computer science.

Kameron Mongold for the Mason Lighthouse Scholarship.  Kameron, an active community volunteer working with senior citizens, foster children, veterans, and many community outreaches, plans to study chemical engineering.

Jacob Joseph for the State of the Arts Scholarship. Jacob, a gifted pianist, enjoys working on the family farm, writing, sports, and plans to study music at Liberty University.


The 2012 Scholarships winners:

Jason Tiller for the Craig Dickinson Memorial Scholarship

Darleen Mason for the Mason Lighthouse Scholarship

Kathryn Douglas for the State of the Arts Scholarship


The 2011 Scholarship recipients:

The winner of the Craig Dickinson Memorial Scholarship is Joshua Hazelton. Joshua is a National Merit Scholarship Finalist, athlete and community servant, volunteering with services for the elderly, student council and 4H.

The winner of the Mason Lighthouse is Zachariah Beasley. Zachariah is HERO’s first national winner. He has 500 hours serving the community in his family band, church, the Indiana Senate, and food pantries.

Christina A. Ohm and Ariel O. Clarke are merit award winners. Christina is a gifted pianist that uses her talent to benefit the community playing in assisted living facilities and fundraisers for school music programs. Ariel has served the community through church, dance instruction and surfing outreach. She plans to study engineering.


The 2010 Scholarship recipients:

Kristen N. Botner is the winner of the Dickinson Memorial Scholarship.  She is an AP Scholar with Distinction, captain of her cross country and soccer teams and aspires to be a nurse practitioner.
Maisie Wilson is the winner of the State of the Arts Scholarship.  A talented vocalist, pianist, Latin scholar, and dancer, Maisie is very involved in her community through 4H, Teen Court, church, community and political organizations.
The winners of the Mason Lighthouse Scholarship winners are Diana Mason and Hannah Marie Schrader.  Diana has served the hurting, poor and underprivileged in Holland, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, and Uganda.  She aspires to become a pharmacist and continue working with the orphans of Africa.  Hannah volunteers with disabled children in therapeutic horse riding lessons, libraries, 4H, and Teen Court and has aspirations in journalism.
A Merit Award was given to Kimberly Olsen for her academic achievements, being a National Merit Finalist and AP Scholar with Distinction, among them.